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Competitive Assessment:

I look at competitors  portfolio to understand their strategic direction.  I am able to understand their investment areas, the size of their R&D group (inventors) and what they consider important (or not).


A client was interested an assessment of Sabic over the years particularly after their 2007 purchase of GE Plastics.  Prior to the acquistion, Sabic had little IP and only opportunistic filing related to desalination or extraction equipment or polyethylene catalysts (acquired from DSM).  After GE Plastic Acquisition, patent velocity skyrocketed with many new inventors from GE. Filing covered all aspects of the plastics from preparation, formulation, and applications.  It is too early to confirm whether Sabic has followed GE's agreesive protection of their IP (heavy self-cites and blocking  of competitive patents via citations) but it appears that they have taken GE's strategic approach. 


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