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Welcome To IP Business- Tech Solutions: 


  • ​I help companies make informed business decisions

  • I identify technical and business routes to new technologies.

  • I help clients understand the IP landscape around potential investment opportunities.  

  • I help link client's technical and IP strategy to their business strategy as well as determining the business and technical strategies of their competitors 


"Based on the more than 20 Projects he performed for various Business Groups of DSM, I dare to say that Larry always adds crucial information to the IP Analysis (software programs indicating which companies are active/strong in the chosen field and where are potential white spots) based on his huge experience in this area of published material (patents, publications, company info). Decisions to start, continue but also to stop Business Creation and Development projects have been influenced for the better by his personal contributions (beyond the digitally created 3D plots). He has been a very valuable asset (on arms-length) to us." Rob Kirschbaum, VP Open Innovation, Royal DSM

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