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  • The use of intellectual property to understand the business landscape is an excellent way to help make informed decisions on investments; it must be used in conjunction with other marketing and business knowledge.

  • A variety of key words, and patent classifications and other techniques are used to examine millions of world wide patents over the past 20 years

  • Various linguistic and software tools help parse the documents in order to visualize the patent landscape.

  • Other tools and software are used to determine the key players, how rapidly the landscape is changing, where the IP was filed and developed and what are the key patents in the data set. This is linked with other business and technical information from other sources

  • Larry has helped  hundreds of companies world wide in industries including chemical, health, food, metals, glass, flooring, fibers, energy, sustainability and electronics.





I evaluate an area of interest and determine what the IP landscape looks like, who the key players are, how fast the the technology is changing, who who owns the key IP and what skills/technology the client has that will let them be players in the market. See examples of Business Assessment, Competitve Assessment, Strategic Plan Assessment, Company Analysis and Portfolio Mining






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